Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

My grandkids have gone home, so this will be saved for next year's "Gramma Camp".....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Making a small ironing pad.

Got tired of dragging my ironing board out for a small ironing job. So I went online and saw some great ironing pads, complete with magnets, to place on your washer/dryer. That would be convenient, but I could make one myself and save shipping fees. Even better, I could just use an oversized potholder that my sis sent me years ago. I never wanted to get it dirty, so I just used it as a decoration. Well, I over used it as an ironing pad and had to replace the backing, the silver fabric. Went to Hancock fabric and asked for some silver ironing board fabric and bought half a yard. Price was $8.99 a yd.
Step one: place potholder on fabric and outline with a pencil.
Step two: place the cut out fabric on a used dryer sheet.
Step three: sew around the oval (leaving a small opening to turn) and trim excess dryer sheet.
Step four: Turn right side out and attach to the back of potholder (just place over the worn out original silver fabic) with a zig-zag stitch.

I hang it by it's loop (with a clothespin) to the shelf above my craft table.


Like my little iron? It's a vintage Dominion folding, travel iron. Love it for small jobs.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teaching myself to quilt

I learned the triangle and the hourglass. Then I learned the cathedral window. (that was hard)
Last night I taught myself the Pinwheel. Very easy.

Cut two equal squares, sew 1/4th inch seam all around. Mark across corners.

Cut on the lines.

Open the triangles up and place design as a  pinwheel.

Iron the squares open.

Sew together.

Iron them open, and sew together.

Almost finished. Just needs some trimming.

Made two different sizes. Had to prove to myself that I could do it.
I am so very proud of my work. Just need a couple hundred more to make a quilt.
Maybe I'll just make a coin purse. lol

Faster Kittykill! Blog! Blog!: Tie One On Tuesday!

Faster Kittykill! Blog! Blog!: Tie One On Tuesday!

Margarita popsicles...yum!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Wafflesicle Maker Has Changed Breakfast Forever | Gizmodo Australia

The Wafflesicle Maker Has Changed Breakfast Forever Gizmodo Australia

I can do this for free. Take my Belgian Waffle maker and make waffles. Cut them into strips with my pizza cutter. Stab some wooden skewers into them and Voila'.....waffelsicles. Gonna make some for the kiddos tomorrow.