Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Events Thanks to Community Involvement

Great Events Thanks to Community Involvement

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St. John Quilters

My Tuesday group "Piecemakers" from our Savior Lutheran Church in McAllen is very supportive of my local group "St. John Quilters".....I have taken all that I've learned and helped set up the same operation in San Juan. One of the quilters from Piecemakers was a guest speaker at our local group. Elaine, of "The Quilted Cat"  gave a show-and-tell that inspired us to further our skills. We all had an awesome time sharing.

Our stack is growing.

Our baby quilts will be donated to Driscoll's Children's Hospital in McAllen.

Houston International Quilt Show

We planned this trip for a year. I traveled 8 hours (with a smoker) and was thrilled to be in my Hometown of Houston, just a couple of blocks away from where I attended high school. "Incarnate Word Academy" an all-girls Catholic School. I attended under protest.
So we are watching a demo when I hear someone calling my name. I looked up and resting on a nearby chair was our quilting instructor!! We jumped up and ran to greet her. What a surprise! Of course we should have know she would be there, but to actually meet up with her...Wow!  So I styled my jacket for her. My Dia de los Muertos Jacket (from a sweatshirt) that I made in her class. Numerous fellow quilters stopped me to take a photo of my jacket and ask how I made it.

My Best Friend/sis-in-law "Marilyn"

I wish....maybe if I win the LOTTO.

Made by the ladies in Shiner, Texas. (home of Shiner Beer)

Yes, you guessed correctly. Eleanor Burns. Quilt in a Day.

This lady is just precious.

This lady won in the "Text on Textile" 3rd and final year.
She came from Australia after the airlines were ordered off their strike.
I was so impressed with her Genealogical Quilt. That is mixing both my loves.
"Ethel’s Diary" by Eileen Campbell. Photos and words on a quilt.
She talked to us and answered my many questions. A very sweet lady indeed, and such an awsome story to tell.

Quilts for Kids-That I made and sent off.

I named it "Penny's Evinrude" and if you guess why, I'll be surprised.

The Blessing of the Quilts

I made about 30 of these quilt-tops.

Over 400 quilts are blessed and then distributed to children at local schools.

I made this flag quilt for 9-11. It went to an exchange student who will take it home to Spain when she leaves the U.S. I am honored that she specifically chose my quilt. The Piecemakers give a quilt to all graduating seniors. She leaves in Jan, so she was present to get her quilt. She was given one of my other patriotic quilts but then chose my flag, when she was told that it was an option.