Thursday, November 17, 2011

Houston International Quilt Show

We planned this trip for a year. I traveled 8 hours (with a smoker) and was thrilled to be in my Hometown of Houston, just a couple of blocks away from where I attended high school. "Incarnate Word Academy" an all-girls Catholic School. I attended under protest.
So we are watching a demo when I hear someone calling my name. I looked up and resting on a nearby chair was our quilting instructor!! We jumped up and ran to greet her. What a surprise! Of course we should have know she would be there, but to actually meet up with her...Wow!  So I styled my jacket for her. My Dia de los Muertos Jacket (from a sweatshirt) that I made in her class. Numerous fellow quilters stopped me to take a photo of my jacket and ask how I made it.

My Best Friend/sis-in-law "Marilyn"

I wish....maybe if I win the LOTTO.

Made by the ladies in Shiner, Texas. (home of Shiner Beer)

Yes, you guessed correctly. Eleanor Burns. Quilt in a Day.

This lady is just precious.

This lady won in the "Text on Textile" 3rd and final year.
She came from Australia after the airlines were ordered off their strike.
I was so impressed with her Genealogical Quilt. That is mixing both my loves.
"Ethel’s Diary" by Eileen Campbell. Photos and words on a quilt.
She talked to us and answered my many questions. A very sweet lady indeed, and such an awsome story to tell.

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