Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Opening blog to rant and rave about krafting and eating. (drinking is optional)
Since this is Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would start out with our events, or unevents.
(Whenever my granddaughter K asks how my day went I usually reply, "Uneventful." Drives her nuts.)

Family came from Houston to eat, drink, and be merry. Six left, two stayed another day. Lots of food, Thanksgivning songs by the little ones, drinks poured, movies watched, and insults traded. Our family is not like the families on "Home for the Holidays", "Nothing like the Holidays" and "The Family Stone" movies. We don't put each other on the "List" and we are all speaking to each other.

This year's excitement was my photo on the front page of our local paper's "Valley Life" section announcing the article coming in the next day's issue. "Local woman self-publishes her own collection of Thanksgiving traditions". The second day my photo was on the front page, below the headline, with the section and page given for the article. "Home Cooking. A beloved Thanksgiving chef offers her recipes to the world."
Actually, as stated in the article, I put the book together for my children and grandchildren. Some local residents looked my up in the phone directory and called to purchase copies and to sell them in their florist shop. WRONG!! That was never my intention. I was asked to submit family tradtions to the paper for an article on Thanksgiving traditons. It turned out to be an article on me and my book. Surprising.

Thanksgiving meal:
Most recipes for side-dishes were vegetarian-ized and additional recipes have been added. The recipe for vegetarian gravy was a hit, even among non-vegetarians.
I'll upload some photos, once I learn how......

Favorite stupid saying this year: WTF="Why The Face" per episode of The Modern Family TV show.
Son-in-law M overused the was hilarious.

Made our traditional trip to Mexico on Black Friday. Bought Mexican Cokes (the real Real Thing) bottles, beer, candy, avacadoes, tortillas, DVD's, etc.....

Exchanged names for Christmas.

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