Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine Daisy Dishcloth

The finished dishcloth.

I knew I had to crochet this dishcloth when I spotted it in an old issue of "Crochet with Heart."
It came out even better that the one in the magazine. I ran out of white cotton yarn, so I edged the petals in an ivory. The O Cedar scrubbie that I bought is yellow-orange in color and looks very nice. This is just too pretty to use in my kitchen. I guess I'll give it away as a gift.


  1. Can you help me? I'm new to crocheting and thought dishcloths would be good practice. I'm trying to make the Sunshine Daisy but can't figure out the instructions for the edging... as you know you're beginning the edging at the tip of one petal....

    CH 1, turn; 3 sc in the same st, * $ working in end of rosw, sc in the first 2 rows, 2 sc in the next row, (sc in the next 2 rows, 2 sc in the next row) across,

    I believe understand all of this except the word "across". I also don't understand why part of the instruction is in parenthesis.

    But... there are 12 rows in each petal and if I'm working in the end of each row I've only edged 1/2 way down one side of the petal at this point and the next step begins at the base of the petal (the next step follows)...

    working between first hdc of Row 1 of same Petal and slip st on Row 1 of next Petal, sc in same st on Center; working in end of rows, 2 sc in first, sc in next 2 rows, 2 sc ... etc.

    How did I get from the tip of the petal to the base and what does the word "across" mean?


  2. Sorry, need to clarify.... the symbols * and $ denote pattern repeats. I also misspelled "rows" in that same line.

    Thanks again

  3. Nevermind - I figured it out. Thanks anyway.