Saturday, June 12, 2010

Duck Egg Story Continues

The eggs hatched!  My neighbor called frantic the the mama ducks were leading their flocks across the street. I ran out the door, with my camera, and found that two ducklings were abandoned. One had a deformed foot and was left in the hollow tree where it was hatched. The other failed to follow the others.
I took off after the others that crossed the street and were cutting through the neighbors yards. I also filmed their escape and then could go no further. They disappeared into the high grass.
 After my neighbors cared for them for abt 24 hours, I took the ducklings to a volunteer from the Valley Wildlife Rescue Team. I am so grateful for her help.

Abandoned   Duck with deformed leg.

Igor and friend both left behind.
Mama Duck #1 taking her flock away.

Mama Duck #1 leading the other away.

Mama Duck #2 leading her flock away.

Mama Duck #2

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