Thursday, October 28, 2010

SHARE YOUR STORY HERE « 2011 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project

SHARE YOUR STORY HERE « 2011 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project

My Special Sister was born in 1958. Barbara is the youngest of four children and now lives with me. Four years ago my mother took ill an was no longer able to care for my sis. Now, mother lives next door and is till part of Barbara’s daily life.

Unfortunately, Barbara was born before medical care was deemed necessary for children born “mentally retarded” a term used at the time.

She was able to attend the school at the Harris county retardation center (yes, that is what the name was) and graduated, a day that she replays to this day.

She was made famous at her school as she was always ready to pose for photos with local celebrities and those photos were used by United Way on television, newspapers, and the cover of their yearly report.

Barbara was able to participate in the Special Olympics once, before her many medical problems prevented further competition.

One of the girls in my neighborhood gave birth to a son with DS. She is now working with DSAH (DS assoc. of Houston)

Three years ago my daughter’s best friend gave birth to Zack, her first child, born with Down Syndrome. He has Zack’s Pack walking for the 10th annual Buddy Walk in Houston, Texas.

I am crocheting a scarf in honor of my two precious babies. Barbara age 52 and Zack age 3.

My daughter along with Zack’s mother, and the girl from my neighborhood all work together with DSAH.

My sister Barbara was the only DS person in their lives. Seeing how well she has lived her life gave these two young mothers an insight to how well their sons can succeed in life.

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