Saturday, March 5, 2011

Classic Square Log Cabin Quilt Block

This is made From a Folding Oldies Book. There is hardly any sewing, mostly folding and ironing.

Cut out four sides and center from template in the book.

Sew sides to center square. I chose a butterfly fabric for center.

Once the sides are sewn, iron seams.

Flip over and get ready to fold and iron.

I'm folding and pining the pleats.

This is the second block I made and I came up with the idea to use my bread knife to get some knife pleats. (heehee) It really worked. Watch out, as knife get hot. And don't pull out fast if the blade side is in the fold.

Pinned and ready to sew. I had to weave in the edges into the edges of the next side piece

This is the second block I made.

And here they are: side by side.

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