Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shell stitch crochet scarf on a crohook for Winter Special Olympic Scarf Project 2012

For this scarf I chained 19 to make 6 shells and they measured 6" across.

Instructions: When creating a pattern, chain 3 stitches for each shell desired, plus one more stitch for the turning stitch. (180 stitches, plus 2 for 60 shells=181 chain stitches) will make approximately 48 X 60 or as long as you desire. For a baby afghan or lap robe, try about 40 shells (120 stitches plus 1)…

Practice Sample: Chain 22 stitches loosely, work loosely until you feel comfortable. Pick up a loop through every chain stitch across row (slip stitch) you now have all stitches on needle.

On larger Afghan, put stopper on end of hook after each color change to prevent dropping stitches.

Change to opposite end and tie second color through last stitch.

Chain 4, pull 4th chain through 3 loops. Chain 3, pull third chain through 3 loops...repeat…to the end of the row, ending with pull chain through 3 loops. You will only have on stitch left on hook…(do not pull tight as you have to pick up these stitches..)

With the same end of hook and same color yarn…pull one loop through each chain *slip stitch) between shells only…(if for some reason you have 3 or 4 chains, correct to have 3 loops or you will not have even rows of shells. Now all stitches are on needle.

Change to opposite end and use other color. *you should have different colored yarns hanging from each side.)

Chain 4 (as above) and pull 4th chain through 3 loops…continue as before….return, picking up loops with the same color.

Continue changing colors at ends, each two rows…repeat these two rows until you have your desired length. Finish with a row of only one stitch left on needle…now pull each slip stitch through both stitches each time to bind off project. Cut both yarns about 3 inches, know and weave in tails at corners. ENJOY!

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