Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Banana Tree Massacre of 2010

Jan 6,7, and 8th brought us freezing temperatures down here in South Texas.

We wrapped our citrus trees

and picked all our oranges and grapefruit.

Our avocado, lemon, and loquat trees were free of fruit. We covered most of our potted plants, but some still got frostbitten.

The banana tree massacre.

The leaves on the banana trees were black, and the stalk of bananas were starting to turn black. What a waste. These bananas are delicious and we were looking forward to harvesting them.


  1. what? no more bananas? wtf. I loved these bananas, the girls are going to be so sad too!

  2. The trees will grow back. I just don't know if we'll have bananas this summer. Bummer.