Sunday, January 17, 2010

Edible straws/Candy Canes and Oranges

Great way to use up any left over Candy Canes.
I usually buy the peppermint sticks at Christmas. When they are all gone, I miss them all year long.
1. Pick an orange off your tree. Okay, buy an orange. I was just showing off.
2. Break the hook off a candy cane, or use a peppermint stick.
3. Roll the orange on table or counter until soft and juicy.
4. Make a hole in the orange.
5. Insert candy.
6. Suck on candy cane like a straw. Yum.
7. Eat the candy once all the juice is gone, of course!
Note: Do not squeeze the orange too hard, or you will have a mess on the front of your shirt....No, I will not post a photo of the mess I made. Next time I will drink this over the kitchen

Learned this in Girl Scouts years ago.

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