Friday, January 15, 2010

C h e m o C a p s

I was recently asked for the following pattern, that is no longer available on the Hancock Fabric website.
My copy was a mess of handwritten notes, so I copied it and inserted a scan of the sewing guide.

C h e m o C a p s

(Taken from the Hancock Fabrics Website Patterns Section-no longer available)
Although an all-cotton knit make these caps comfortable on sensitive skin, fleece is also perfect for cooler climates and seasons. We feature sizes from infant/toddler to adult large.
Takes 30 minutes to make.
Materials: Makes 2 of chosen size
Note: Yardage is based on 60” fabrics.
• ½ yd. (adult medium/large), (teen/adult small), (child medium)
• 3/8 yard (child small)
• 1/3 yard (infant/toddler)/
• Thread

Note: Larger measurement in each is greatest amount of stretch in fabric.
These cuts are for two hats as previously stated above.

For adult medium/large:
(2) 17 X 21 ½” pieces (Band)
(4) 7 ¼ “circles (Crown)
For teen/adult small:
(2) 15” X 19” pieces (Band)
(4) 6 1/8 “circles (Crown)
For child medium:
(2) 14” X 18” pieces (Band)
(4) 6 1/8” circles (Crown)
 For child small:
(2) 13” X 17” pieces (Band)
(4) 5 ¾” circles (Crown)
For infant/toddler:
(2) 11” X 15” pieces (Band)
 (4) 5” circles (Crown)

¼ “ Seam Allowance....kind of hard to read.

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