Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Sock Saga.....

Okay. Back in Oct 08 I bought this yarn to make a lace pattern sock. Couldn’t find dp needles here is South Texas. Finally found some bamboo ones at Michaels. Their only pair. Then I found that the pattern was too hard for a beginner like me. Found a new pattern for tube socks. Looked hopeful. Then realized I needed 2 skeins of yarn. Looked forever (months) and then found some while on vacation in Houston. Got home and cast on. Then couldn’t figure out how to connect the 3 double pointed needles. Bought the book “Visual Knitting” and connected the 3 dps. I didn’t like the cast on stitches. Frogged, re-casted and now I was ready to rock-n-roll.
June 2009 I joined the SOS on Ravelry and started to knit my socks.
SOS means Summer of Socks. I am sad to say I did not complete my socks.
OKAY. I am putting this WIP away. Too many other projects to do.
I’ll probably buy different yarn or look for a different pattern, or just frog back to ribbing and just knit all the way down to the toe. This pattern is just too confusing. It starts off fine in a ribbed pattern, and then starts to go all wonky. (the technical term meaning the stitching was going around the sock in a swirling pattern)
Aug 09 Measured again….pink ruler is 6-inches. Soooo, I guess I knit 7 inches before I quit.
April 20, 2010. Started to knit socks again. Someone (Hedgie) on Ravelry wrote that she just kept knitting in a ribbing pattern all the way down to the toes. Wow!! Why didn't I think of that?
So I started doing the same thing. NO, I did not undo the swirling stitch pattern. I just started the ribbing pattern from where I left off. I'm wearing these socks and the odd pattern in the middle of the socks will not affect the warmth of the socks.
My sock now measures 9 inches. The pattern states to knit until it measures 16 inches.....I will knit until I use up the entire skein. After all, I bought 2 skeins. One for each sock. I can't use any leftovers, as the yarn is stretchy and very thin. Hopefully I can finish by winter....heehee, just kidding. Maybe next year.

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