Friday, April 23, 2010

Ravelry: KathiKraftyzales' My first pair of socks

Ravelry: KathiKraftyzales' My first pair of socks

I am working on my socks, again. One hour every night, while watching TV (actually, just listening) and have done 2 inches in 3 night.......this is taking too long.


  1. You are doing great! Just keep at it! I always keep something available to work on while waiting, riding or watching TV. It is amazing how many things can be accomplished using these bits of otherwise lost time.

    Your socks look lovely, kathy. And you are WAY ahead of me - I haven't even cas on my first pair of socks yet! Still practicing on the booties!

  2. Knitting is so slow. I use the continental method and my own method of knitting. I taught myself out of a book in 1970 and I didn't quite get it right. Too late to relearn, I have tried.
    These teeny tiny needles aren't helping.
    I'm a whiz at crochting, I can go really fast.Knitting is just too slow.
    I have a longer version of my story.....I'll post it for fun.