Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dau Karen's First Place Cake

My daughter always participates in her Annual Office Christmas Dessert Contest. Twelve years ago she won 3rd place (Cherry Bars) and a couple of years ago she won 2nd place ( Pumpkin Pie Cake), but this year she make our family favorite and won!!
We have been making/eating this cake for years. It's our favorite and I never thought it was anything special. But I never thought to decorate it like a Christmas Wreath, I always just add a lemon glaze. This looks awesome!!
Recipe? Are you joking?
I just add a box of pistachio pudding to a yellow cake mix and make per box instructions. The original recipe called for an extra egg, some almond extract, and some green food coloring. Sometimes I did this, other times not. My daughter makes it with a white cake mix. Google or make to your liking. I once made it with a tunnel of chocolate going through the middle, but got complaints about messing with perfection.

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