Thursday, December 22, 2011

Homemade Lotion Recipe

So, I got this recipe off the internet because there were so many great reviews.
The recipe called for:
2-9oz bottles of baby lotion of choice
2-8oz jars of Vitamin E Skin Care Cream
1-4oz Jar of Vaseline

I used:
One 16.5oz bottle of Baby Magic Lavender & Chamomile lotion
Two jars of Vitamin E Skin Care Cream 4oz each
One jar 3.75oz Petroleum Jelly

I whipped it up with my kitchen hand-held mixer.

Then put into a couple of jars, the petroleum jelly jar, and the vitamin E containers.
This stuff is awesome!!
I already gave away the two vitamin E containers of lotion.
I'm going to buy some small purse-size plastic container for this lotion as it is great for dry skin.
Baby lotion $2.23
Vitamin E Cream $3.67 for both jars
Petroleum Jelly $1.32
Total cost $7.81 plus  for 28.25 oz
Less than 28cents an oz.

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