Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making tamales again....posted from my new ipod

Today's menu:
Bean with soy chorizo
Cheese with Jalapeno

I put my controller and remote control in plastic, in case I needed to make changes to the Netflix BBC series I am watching. Don't want all the masa clogging up the buttons. LOL

Chopped veggies and mushrooms.

The first time I made tamales, with help, I used 2 borrowed tamaleras. (steamers)
Then I read online about a girl using an upside down metal colander.
Great idea. Worked just fine.

My veggie filling is three of these boxes of veggies, cooked as per box, and slightly chopped. I added a small can of sliced mushrooms and chopped those too. That's it!! Nothing else but what is in the box and the drained chopped can of mushrooms.

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