Thursday, January 26, 2012

FMQ Project Week #3

Well, after adjusting and readjusting my sewing machine, I think I finally figured out all my problems.
According to Leah:
1. Reconfigure the darning/free motion quilting foot.
Sounds easy, she demos it easy, I broke the first one.
My DH (dear hubby) sanded the rough spots so I could use what was left of it until my new one arrived in the mail. I ordered it from AMAZON from a place in MO called Sew Affordable. 
2. Don't drop the feed dogs.
Well, after 3 weeks of struggles, I realized I HAVE TO drop the feed dogs. I could feel them tugging the fabric so they had to be dropped. Maybe not dropping would work on my other sewing machines, but not this one.
3. Isacord Polyester Thread
Well, this will have to be ordered online. None available around these parts.
4. Schmetz Universal 80/12 needle.
No problem. Got lots of those.
5. Thread Length button resets when I make any changes on my machine, so I gotta keep watch over that little booger.

Note to self:
If you fix the foot too high (with rubber band) so it lets your fabric sandwich slide around easily (reconfigured darning foot "the new one" rubber banded) when I raise the foot it will hit the top of the machine and make the foot loose causing it to get in the way of the needle when you let it back down and YES, your needle will hit it.

I ordered another darning foot.

The folks at Sew Affordable must love me......


  1. I use Gutermann polyester thread (top and bottom matching) when I FMQ. It works great and never breaks. Buy it at Joann's (when it's on sale for 50% off or buy one get one free). My stitch length also changes, but only when I turn off and then back on. Good luck with the new foot!

  2. Do you have a Supreme Slider? It makes all the difference in the world. Plus, if you have one, keeping the feed dogs up should be no biggie because the will cover them. Leah's theory(and I agree) is that if you leave the feed dogs up, it really helps with tension issues. But if you leave them up you must do 2 things. 1. have your stitch length set at 0.This keeps them from moving. 2. Cover your feed dogs. If you don't have a supreme slider to do this you can cut up a cereal box big enough to cover them. take a hole punch and make a hole for your needle to go through. Then, use electrical tape to tape it to your machine. I have done this and it works! but the supreme slider is better because its easier to remove and it sooooo helps the fabric glide.Leah sells them. Hope this helps. What kind of machine do you have?