Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FMQ Week #4 Straight Lines

Straight lines using Cheater Quilt Fabric. First sample is a dragon I downloaded from "Quilting Designs from Nature" AQS, 2011. All but the wings are Free-Motion.

I free-motioned the following Cheater Quilt block to attach to a cloth bag that the local Quilt Show requires for the "Wall Hanging" I entered in the show.

Wonky, but getting better.

The next two block are from a Cheater Quilt panel

Now that my hubby finished making my extension table, and I purchased two more darning/free motion quilting feet (open metal foot is my favorite), and I bought a teflon mat...FMQ is getting better. Working out all the sewing issues was the hardest part of this project. Now I'm ready to tackle the next lesson. Bring it on Leah!!!


  1. That's all lovely - love the dragon. Keep up the good work!