Monday, December 7, 2009

After Thanksgiving Blues

It's Monday morning and I am finally taking down my Thanksgiving decorations. Sure, I know some folks put up Christmas trees and lights on Black Friday. I can't imagine decorating for Christmas until after Dec 1st. And, while on the subject, I don't take my tree down until the "Feast of the Three Kings", the day I give small gifts to whatever kids are in my home. That would be Jan 6th. (More on this subject later)
So sad to say goodbye to my turkey collection. I only get to see them for a week before and a week afer Thanksgiving. The little turkey salt-and-pepper shakers, the pumpkin covered with autumn leaves, and the ceramic turkeys.
As I packed them away and put them into storage, I thought about having to downsize my belongings for future prospects of selling and moving back to the Houston area.
Well, I am not downsizing this collection. I'll downsize Easter baskets, or all the Christmas decorations my kids made while in school and now don't want in their home. I can't hang on to them forever. I think this year I will photograph them all and then trash them. I'll make a book of photos to hand down to the grandkids. Look at the junk your parents made...........heehee


  1. Thanksgiving decorations, if you decorate for the fall right after dia de los muertes than you will have a longer time with Mr and Mrs Turkey shakers. Only a thought. As far as your childrens Christmas decorations, taking pictures is a great idea. As my beautiful 8' tree is covered in hand-made bows and kid decorations. I wouldn't dream of having my own school crap on my tree, barf. But my kids stuff, adorable!!

  2. Yes, you are so right. I had to think back on why I didn't decorate after Dia de los Muertos. Oh yeah!!! Eight doctor visits in four weeks, plus xrays and cat scan. Barbara was sick. She also didn't go to school and needed doctoring, numerous RX's and attention. She will have to schedule her illnesses around my schedule next year. heehee