Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Chirstmas Miracle

In Aug of 2008, my son married his college sweetheart. This past weekend I got to see them both as I was in my hometown visiting. I was excited about it being close to Christmastime, as it had been years since I was able to decorate my father's grave. For most of the past 21 years I have mailed decorations to the cemetery office, and the personnel there have done the honors. This year would be different.

My son and daughter-in-law drove me to the cemetery, along with one my granddaughters. We decorated, took photos, and reminised about my father. Once done we started towards the car when I felt a heavy pressure stopping me in my tracks. I heard myself say outloud, "Oh, this is Susan." (alias) Then I broke out in sobs. I scared myself and probably the others. I tried to tell my daughter-in-law, "I had to introduce you", but I was crying too hard to say anything. So I just hugged her and patted her back.
Later, once composed, I began to describe my feelings with my family. My son told me he saw me walking back to the car when all of a sudden I whipped around towards my father's grave and said "Oh, this is Susan."
I don't remember turning around, but I do remember facing the other direction and talking to my father. It was surreal. I also don't remember getting in the car, just being in the car, crying, and covering up with my coat because I was very cold.
When I asked my granddaughter (age:11) if I had scared her she just said, "Paranormal Activity."

Daddy.....1918 to 1988
Merry Christmas
You did your best, that is all I could ask
I love you still
Goodnight sweet angel

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