Thursday, December 10, 2009

I want to knit some socks

This desire has been going on for years. Bought yarn. Found out I needed 2 balls. Only had one. Couldn't find more. Went to the only stores that sell yarn down here. NONE.
Went to Houston. Found yarn. Came home. Cast on, frogged (undid) cast on again. Googled how to cast on to dp's. (double pointed needles) Tried again. Went on Youtube. Searched for casting on dp's for socks. Watched several times. Sucessfully cast on and started pattern. OMG. This is too time consuming.ZZZZZZZ
Put that to sleep.
Went to Vintage clothing shop. Bought a beautiful wool cable knit sweater that had a hole in the front.
Took home and made tube socks. They are beautiful. The sleeves made one sock each. The cuffs look great.
Then the front of the sweater made a pair and the back of the sweater made another.
So, three pair of beautiful cable knit socks for $1.00
This morning was cold enough to wear my socks for the first time this year.
Well actually it was cold last week, but I forgot about my favorite socks. Found them this morning in my sock drawer while churning them around looking for warm socks.
All is well..........

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