Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day three of the Pillow Covers

Okay, so I have put this project to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Other stuff came up and I was unable to sew at my craft table.
First, my husband cooked himself breakfast. One item was MEAT. Once I got the stench out of the kitchen, I had started on other projects.(stuff I can do out of the room)
Last night I was unable to sew, as I had to cook and I had a library board meeting to attend.
Now, today, I had a County Library Meeting in a nearby town.
Got home to "Jeremiah Johnson" grinding deer meat with a pork roast. Smell was unbelievable. Animal blood everywhere. It will take me a gallon of LYSOL to clean my kitchen.
Now he is frying up some dead animal, and grinding, grinding, grinding.
So I lit a candle, put on my jacket, turned on the fan, and came to play on my p/c.
All is well.
Before the meat cooking started, I was able to sew up more Christmas presents and make a new fleece jacket for K's dog, Princessa.

I used leftover fleece from other projects. Too cute for words. She pranced around wanting everyone's attention.

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